M4J 11 Year Anniversary

by Matt Matias on Apr 13, 2023

M4J 11 Year Anniversary


Woah! Memes For Jesus (M4J) turns 11 today! I never thought the silly little page I made I high school would come so far! There have been a lot of changes in my life and in the world from when I first started posting memes back in 2012. I finished ministry school, developed an unhealthy LEGO obsession, got married, joined the staff team at my home church, and am expecting the birth of my first child any day now!


Over the years, there have been a number of people to come alongside me in helping with this page. So to Khristian, Dalen, Jeff, Bryan, Jess, Kyle, and Nathan, thanks for all your help in those early, formative years! It was such a fun time sharing jokes with all of you!


I’m so thankful for my best bro, Matt, who came alongside me in 2018 to start managing the business end of M4J. He’s taken this community to places I never could have on my own, and I wouldn’t want it be in anyone else’s hands.


Moving forward, while I’m still involved with M4J, Matt has taken on the role as the primary owner of Memes For Jesus. I’ve always been a content creator more than a business person, and having Matt in the Supreme Meme Overlord (working title) role allows me to be able to enjoy making content without the stress that comes alongside managing the business end of things.

To those of you who have followed for 11 years, or if you just joined us in the past few days, thank you! Let’s keep laughing together for the next 11 and beyond.

- Michael Schaffer

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